Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Letter press at The ARM, Brooklyn (Williamsburg)

On Feb 3&4, 2012, I travelled to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to print a few more compliments at the ARM. I had reserved a press for two afternoons, and basically wanted to print as many compliments within that time frame. I met Dan (the owner/manager of the place) on the Friday, and without any tips, orientation, or any guidance, I was directed to the SP1C press, and off I went... There were quite a few other people printing at he same time, and the atmosphere was quite different than what I was used to at Atelier Domino, where there is usually some Alain Bashung, or Jazz music playing while I set some type, and I am not concerned about timelines as I am renting the press for the day. Most of the others were all printing with polymer plates rather than setting type, which I can see why when you are renting by the hour... I searched through the wooden type drawers, and managed to make a few compliments on day one. These included a large Me & You print, and two compliments: "You are a 4 am phone call type of friend", and "You're Sweet". On Saturday, I managed to make three more compliments including one in Spanish and one in Italian. "Tu sei la mia Stella", and "De todas las flores tu eres la mas hermosa"... how could you not feel happy printing these?

Monday, February 6, 2012

Visit to Printed Matter Inc., NYC

While in New York City, I made a visit to Printed Matter Inc. in Chelsea, NYC. I had gone to the New York Artist Book Conference in 2009 (organized by Printed Matter Inc.), but did not have the chance to stop in. I was amazed by the amount of publications, and artist multiples... If you are ever in the neighbourhood and want to see a great collection a of artist books, and publications... this is the place to go! I ended up leaving with a few little artists books to add to my collection.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Letterpress at Atelier Domino in Montreal

I've been renting studio time at Atelier Domino in Montreal in order to complete my series of letterpressed "Compliments". I love coming to this studio and using the Universal 1 (Vandercook Press) to make my limited edition prints. Stay tuned for show details coming up this spring. (and by the way... you look beautiful today!)